Executives: Taking a Leave of Absence for Drug Treatment

Executives - taking a leave of absence for drug treatmentWhen you have worked hard for your career, you may worry about taking a leave from work to attend rehab. Choosing to go to rehab for drugs or alcohol may be one of the biggest decisions of your life. You may have a million excuses not to go, but your health depends on it. When you are an executive or professional, it is essential that you find the right rehab to fit your needs.

If You Feel You Cannot Take Time off for Rehabilitation

It is normal to feel anxious about entering drug treatment. Rehab is new and unfamiliar territory for many people. Often, when we are anxious about new experiences, we make excuses for avoiding anxiety and stress. One particular area of concern for executives is employment. Common fears that executives face surrounding rehab include the following:

  • Fear that your employer will fire you or will judge you for entering treatment
  • Concern about the amount of time off work that rehab requires
  • Concern about coworker responses

Analyze the costs versus the benefits of going to rehab. The costs of not going to rehab are steep. Even if you are hiding your addiction well now, you face serious consequences of an untreated addiction, including the following:

  • Job loss
  • On the job accidents or mistakes
  • Legal troubles, arrest or jail time
  • Expressing the effects of a drug at work or at work functions
  • Loss of your full potential and self-control
  • The risk of overdose and death or permanent illness

The costs of addiction are much higher than the cost of rehab. Addiction can ruin your life. Time away from work may be what saves your family, your career and your wellbeing.

Filing to Take a Leave of Absence for Drug Treatment

In most cases, addiction is considered a disability. Check your employee handbook and verify the regulations of the state you live in to make sure this applies to you. If your company considers addiction a disability, you will need a note from a doctor stating that you need to take a medical leave of absence. Your doctor is not required to state why you need to take a leave of absence, only that a leave is necessary. You may be covered under the Family Leave Act, which allows you to take up to twelve weeks off of work for documented medical reasons.

Need Help Taking Time off for Rehabilitation?

We offer assistance for executives who are seeking drug treatment. When you call our toll-free number, you will be connected directly with a counselor who can do the following:

  • Work with your company or your doctor to arrange a leave of absence
  • Help you obtain insurance coverage
  • Help you find proven, licensed and effective treatment programs
  • Help you find specialty executive programs, luxury rehab, mental health care and more

Let us help you discover your options. Make an informed decision about your rehab treatment. Call us today.