How to Go to a Party and Not Use Drugs

How to Go to a Party and Not Use DrugsFor a recovering addict, socializing can be challenging. If you are an addict in recovery you may fear that going to a party will cause you to relapse. The surest way to prevent this possibility is not to attend the party. However sometimes this is just not practical or desirable. You may have friendships that mean a lot to you, and you don’t want to miss important events just because they are still using while you are sober. You can’t shut yourself off from life just because you are in recovery. If you want to have a full life, then you need to learn how to get out and socialize without using drugs.

Living a Drug-Free Life

Drug use is prevalent in our society and the chances are that you will encounter it. You need to be secure enough in your recovery that you can witness drug use and not succumb to the temptation to participate. Being able to walk away from drugs while others are using will give you confidence that your recovery is succeeding.

You may fear that you won’t be able to have fun without using drugs. If you are new to recovery, you may not have a clear idea of what a sober life can be like and how much fun you can have without drugs. You may have used drugs for years and have many memories of good times associated with drug use, but drugs alter brain chemistry so that you come to depend on them to feel good. Once your recovery has progressed to the point that your brain chemistry has returned to normal, you will no longer need drugs to feel good. Dopamine is released in the brain in response to pleasurable and rewarding activities just as it is as a result of drug use. You will be surprised how good you can feel and how much fun you can have while sober.

Strategies for Avoiding Drug Use

The following are strategies for attending parties and socializing without using drugs:

  • Make up your mind in advance that you are not going to use drugs
  • If possible attend the party with someone who supports your recovery
  • Let people know that you are in recovery and do not want to use drugs
  • Do not be ashamed of being a recovering addict, as addiction is a disease and your efforts to recover are something you can be proud of
  • Participate in the non-drug related activities of the party
  • Engage in conversations and get to know people
  • Remember why you wanted to quit using drugs in the first place, why your recovery is so important to you and how much work you have done to get this far

Need Help Avoiding Relapse?

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