How You Benefit from the Support Provided by Rehab Centers

How You Benefit from the Support Provided by Rehab CentersRecovery from drug or alcohol addiction can be a difficult and challenging process. While it can be accomplished on your own without assistance, taking advantage of the resources offered by a quality rehab center will greatly increase your chances of a successful recovery.

Benefit from Medically Supervised Detoxification during Rehabilitation

The first step in recovery is detox. You must detoxify your body from a substance on which it has become dependent. Many addictive drugs produce withdrawal symptoms that can be so unpleasant that they make it hard for even the most strong-willed person to maintain his or her resolve to stop using. When the misery of withdrawal sets in most people will do whatever they need to do to make the pain and discomfort go away. Usually this means relapsing into drug use. However severe depression and suicidal thoughts are withdrawal symptoms of some drugs, and in extreme cases a particularly harrowing withdrawal can end in a suicide attempt. Withdrawal symptoms can be dangerous and even life threatening in and of themselves, so quitting “cold turkey” on your own without the support of professionals is both physically harmful and likely to fail.

A high quality rehab center will include medically supervised detox services. The patient will be made as comfortable as possible during the detox process. Medical staff will be on hand to monitor the patient’s condition and address any medical situations that arise. In some cases medication can be administered that will alleviate the symptoms of withdrawal. The patient will be in the care of trained professionals with experience handling detox and withdrawal symptoms and will be in a secure environment in which it will be impossible to procure the drug of choice and suffer a relapse.

Benefit from Drug Addiction Counseling during Rehabilitation

Once detoxification is complete, patients will address psychological and situational factors that contributed to the addiction. They will learn to form new habits that will allow them to live a healthy drug-free lifestyle. Addressing psychological issues, forming new habits and learning to live new lifestyle on your own with no assistance may be possible, but it is exceedingly challenging. Old habits are hard to break, stress factors emerge that can threaten your recovery and old friends who still use drugs can lead you into relapse.

A quality rehab center will have qualified, certified counselors with training and experience treating people with addiction and substance abuse issues. Patients will benefit from individual and group counseling that will help them know themselves better and recognize the destructive patterns that led to their addiction. Many facilities also include psychiatric counseling to address any co-occurring mental health issues that may have contributed to the addiction. Long-term follow-up counseling will provide support for the patient’s continued recovery, once he or she has left treatment. A rehab center can be an ongoing source of support should the patient ever feel that his or her recovery is in danger. Patients can find empathy and support for their recovery in fellow patients who are struggling with similar issues.

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