Does Drug Rehab Really Work?

Does drug rehab really work?It is not uncommon for someone to be told by drug-users that rehab doesn’t work. They say this because not because rehab truly doesn’t work, but because addiction loves company. The fact is that it is not rehab that fails, but people who aren’t serious about their recovery, or facilities that treat addicts with cookie-cutter therapy who fail. When done properly by people who have experience, determination and passion, rehab can absolutely change a person’s life.

How Does Drug Addiction Develop?

Addiction is a complicated disease. Each person has taken her own path; some through reckless behavior and some by filling a legitimate prescription. Some people are born with a genetic predisposition toward addiction. Some have other psychological disorders that patients have subconsciously tried to self-medicate with drugs and or alcohol. The one thing most addicts have in common is that they didn’t see addiction coming. If they had any idea the terrible grip it would get on their life they never would have risked it. But regardless of how, or why, someone finds themselves with a drug or alcohol problem, once they have it they will need help to get clean.

Addiction has many layers to it. Most addictive substances create a physical dependency. This means that the user needs that chemical in his body in order to just feel normal. When it leaves his system he will experience physical symptoms of withdrawal. But addiction also has a psychological side as well. The addicted brain craves the artificial sense of well-being that a drug or alcohol-induced high offers. The part of the brain that experiences this rush of euphoria is the same part that is responsible for impulse control, behavior adoption, emotions and memory. Neural pathways are chemically re-wired to repeat the experience at any expense. Even when the rational part of the brain decides to quit, the addicted mind cannot. Outside help is required to re-wire the brain to avoid getting high.

On top of all of that, many addicts suffer from other psychological conditions that may or may not be diagnosed. These conditions may have contributed to the addiction in the first place or may be undermining any attempt to get clean. Many addicts will detox and go through rehab, but if those underlying conditions are not identified and treated, the recovery won’t last.

Rehabilitation That Works

The most successful rehab programs are those that understand all of the aspects of addiction and that appreciate the unique struggle each individual addict faces. They often use medically supervised detox to help the person get the chemicals out of her system with a minimum of discomfort. They use thorough, holistic rehab to treat the psychological addiction and train the person to cope with temptations, drug use triggers, stress and relationships in a healthy way. They also use Dual Diagnosis treatment to diagnose and treat any co-occurring disorders that may be feeding the addiction. Individuals who enter these types of facilities committed to the process, and then continue their rehab after the residential phase through sponsor and group meetings, have a strong likelihood of long-term recovery.

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