What Kinds of Addiction Centers Are There?

What kinds of addiction centers are there?When you need addiction treatment, the choices available can be both confusing and overwhelming. People who seek addiction help and rehab resources are often in crisis which makes the treatment decision even more complicated. Information can empower you to make the best decision possible.

Types of Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centers Available

Addiction rehab treatment is classified based on the intensity of treatment and the specialty of treatment. Inpatient centers provide the best way to begin rehab treatment. Residential overnight rehab provides the opportunity to receive quality care around the clock. Inpatient rehab usually includes detox treatment and is the best way to begin recovery successfully. Inpatient rehab offers counseling that helps you uncover the underlying causes of addiction and build the skills needed to defend against temptation and relapse once treatment is complete. Outpatient rehab is less intensive and does not include overnight accommodations.

Outpatient treatment is effective when it follows inpatient rehab. It includes counseling and group services that can help you overcome addiction, but it does not include detox services or more intensive medical stabilization. Most reputable inpatient treatment programs also offer outpatient rehab services as well.

There are a number of specialty treatment options available. You can benefit from finding a treatment program that specializes in your area of need or the type of services that work best with your personality and situation. Some more popular treatment specialties include the following:

  • Integrated treatment to treat substance abuse and mental health issues at the same time
  • Family-friendly services that offer family support and family counseling as well as individual rehab
  • Drug specialty programs that treat your addiction based on your drug of choice and offer staff and detox methods that meet your needs.
  • Behavioral addiction programs that help with addictions such as compulsive gambling, shopping addiction or sex addiction
  • Eating disorder specialists that help treat eating disorders and addiction
  • Trauma and PTSD specialty programs that offer addiction treatment that also helps clients overcome issues of trauma, abuse, PTSD and disaster

Find Addiction Treatment Centers Now

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